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Demo Video: Breakout Rooms

Vidyo’s Advanced Telehealth Platform brings telehealth collaboration to new heights with its advanced group sessions and breakout rooms. These tools extend fresh avenues for collaborative care, allowing multidisciplinary teams to coordinate and cohost virtual group therapy sessions effectively and efficiently. These tools also enable patients to actively participate in group therapy sessions from a convenient and comfortable location.

Product Sheet: Vidyo Healthcare Solutions

Senior executives strive to deliver patient-centered care while overcoming logistical challenges and keeping pace with technological advancements. Vidyo Healthcare empowers organizations to address these pain points with innovative, efficient, and patient-focused telehealth solutions.

Whitepaper: Vidyo’s Advanced Telehealth Platform

Vidyo’s Advanced Telehealth Platform is purpose-built to address these challenges by enabling seamless, patient centric care. This white paper details the innovative features of Vidyo’s platform and outlines the ‘why’ behind each, demonstrating how Vidyo overcomes common healthcare barriers.

Whitepaper: Where we go From Here

We’ve also known that telehealth is one of the most efficient and effective means of confronting social determinants of health obstacles because it breaks down barriers to accessing physical care.

Demo: Virtual Care Platform

Vidyo’s Virtual Care Platform enables healthcare providers to deliver fast, easy and reliable care to patients. Health systems can increase efficiency and scalability of their direct to patient telehealth programs.

VirtualSitter Infographic

View a demo of our VirtualSitter solution, which offers a unified user experience across mobile, desktop, and clinically focused endpoints. The suite of solutions delivers the consistency, ease of use, and rich features that drive clinical adoption across the care continuum.

VirtualSitter Demo Video

View a demo of our VirtualSitter solution, which offers a unified user experience across mobile, desktop, and clinically focused endpoints. The suite of solutions delivers the consistency, ease of use, and rich features that drive clinical adoption across the care continuum.

End-to-End Virtual Care Solution

With the right technology infrastructure, virtualized care has the potential to bring benefits to a great number of care scenarios. Learn about some of the most effective use cases to consider for telehealth.

Hybrid Cloud Expansion

Finding the best option for your company can be challenging, but with the help of Vidyo’s professional services experts, you’ll be prepared for any situation.

The Culture and Technology You Need for Hybrid Work

Learn more about video technology for hybrid and distributed teams in this whitepaper. By building processes and practices that give employees greater choice in when and where they work, employers can ease the personal and professional concerns of their employees while building a more agile workforce equipped for the future of work.

Vidyo Safeguard Bundle

Protect hospital staff from COVID-19 exposure with a video-enabled ICU. The Vidyo Safeguard Bundle provides you with an intuitive and effective platform for monitoring and treating your
patient population while preserving the health and integrity of the provider team.

Continuum of Care

For the successful implementation of a video telehealth solution, a number of factors come into play. During a time of stretched budgets, diminished medical resources, and thinly stretched staff, hospital administrators must pursue a solution that can be easily adopted.

Long Term Care

With access to Vidyo’s comprehensive suite of solutions long term health systems will have the tools to transform their delivery care model into one that dramatically improves clinical efficiency, outcomes, and resident adherence while keeping costs under control.

VidyoConnect Medical Cart Experience

The VidyoConnect Medical Cart Experience is a purpose-built telemedicine solution for healthcare practitioners. With an easy-to-use video interface, this solution streamlines workflows for practitioners to perform virtual rounds, remote ICU monitoring, and multidisciplinary consults.

VidyoConnect Patient Room Experience

VidyoConnect’s Patient Room Experience is a purpose-built telemedicine solution with patient service in mind. With an easy-to-use interface, this solution provides an engaging high-quality video environment for patients to connect with their family and doctors at the point of care.


Today, Vidyo and IDSolutions in partnership deploy the power of cloud-based solutions to offer instant telehealth support to their customers when they need it most.

Vidyo Visits with Epic Context Aware Linking

Vidyo has created a turnkey integration of VidyoConnect into the most popular Epic solutions such as Hyperspace, Canto, Haiku, and more using context-aware linking. Context-aware linking provides the well-known “click-to-connect” Vidyo experience from within your Epic workflows, but also gives Epic users a robust set of features and capabilities that have not existed in previous Vidyo/Epic integrations.

Advanced ICU Care

Advanced ICU incurred shorter ICU stays, reduced complications, and saved more lives using telehealth to provide critical care to remote hospitals.

Iron Bow vClinic

Discover an easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable clinical communications solution to improve outcomes, and reduce lengths of stay and readmissions.

Post-Acute Care

Discover how to contain costs, enhance clinical efficiency, and improve outcomes in post-acute environments, delivering a world-class virtual experience for patients.

Home Care

Learn how to enhance patient engagement with high-quality, real-time video for effective home care, improved outcomes, and reduced costs.

Demonstration of Getwellnetwork Virtual Rounding Powered by Vidyo

Demonstration of how Getwellnetwork’s industry leading interactive patient engagement system, powered by Vidyo, can be used to support virtual rounding for clinicians or reduce time to nurse call response by establishing personal face to face connections with patients right from within the Getwellnetwork clinician portal anywhere.

VidyoEngage: A Customer-Facing Video Solution

With VidyoEngage, the highest quality real-time video can be integrated into your organization’s website, mobile app, or in-branch kiosk, for a face-to-face interaction that creates a genuine interpersonal connection.

Vidyo: Partnering for Success

Vidyo needs incredible partnerships that bring the breadth of solutions, the implementation experience, global reach and the trusted customer relationships necessary to be successful.


Vidyo platform enables mobitoki’s videoconferencing-based sign language interpretation service in Poland.


Facilitating access to care for patients in hospitals and hundreds of healthcare facilities across Ontario


Nemours Children’s Health System chose Vidyo for their CareConnect telehealth program to increase access to complex pediatric care and improve clinical outcomes.

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