Happy Holidays: The Magic of Telehealth


Watch how Vidyo is able to provide special moments to children who were staying at the children’s hospital during Christmas holiday by connecting them to Santa via teleconferencing tool.


Hello Kaden, it’s Santa Claus here, from the North Pole

I’m so happy to see you today.

Santa Claus!

Look at his face!

Does Santa go ‘Ho ho ho’?



Well, I’m glad I had a chance to see you

Mrs. Claus said to say hello, and I think I have a present for you if my elves are there

Everybody needs a blanky.

[Everyone applauds]

Now you be good and I’ll see you real soon, OK?

Say bye

[Blows kiss]

Blow him a kiss, that’s nice

It says connect to the North Pole

I wonder who lives at the North Pole?


Santa! That’s right

Ho, ho, ho

Merry Christmas!

He said mom ‘Santa came’ and I said, yeah

he’s very excited anytime that Carter can get out of his room and interact with people

He is extremely social

I’m so happy to see your smile today



Can you see me?

Who is that?


It’s Santa, from the North Pole

Mrs. Claus said to say hello. She made you some chocolate chip cookies

Do you like cookies?

Yes I love cookies


I love cookies

Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho! 

Well, hello there

Felipe, feliz navidad

Merry Christmas to all the good boys and girls

having that little break in the day and even something fun like this is definitely something that I would say lifts to the kids spirits

Bye Santa! 

[Music plays]

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