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The best way to leverage telehealth video conferencing technology is to identify opportunities for improvement within specific hospital departments.
Epic Patient Monitoring screen view.
Nursing teams and providers are being stretched thin, leading to a greater risk of reduced patient safety. As a result, some medical facilities are looking for creative solutions to help them address these concerns.
Vidyo's Virtual Care Platform webinar, recorded on October 18, 2022, explores the benefits that a virtual care platform provides to healthcare organizations. It includes use cases, statistics, a live demo and more!
We’ve also known that telehealth is one of the most efficient and effective means of confronting social determinants of health obstacles because it breaks down barriers to accessing physical care.
Patients can now travel a shorter distance and not spend an entire day travelling for a basic check-up/post-op/specialist consult.
Doctor utilizing virtual care platform from his desktop computer
Vidyo's Virtual Care Platform enables healthcare providers to deliver fast, easy and reliable care to patients. Health systems can increase efficiency and scalability of their direct to patient telehealth programs.
Holistic Healthare
Watch our video, A Secure and Immersive Telehealth Solution, to learn why VidyoHealth is the flexible solution for you.
Virtual Patient Monitoring
VidyoHealth's VirtualSitter webinar, recorded on Tuesday, September 13th, 2022, answers your questions around the VirtualSitter solution, by facilitating you with the right data to make your choice, backed by statistics and use cases.
Virtual Care Platform 5 Use Case Resource
There is a better way, one that does not require huge investments in vast IT infrastructure—a virtual care platform (VCP). With a VCP, all clinicians have the ability to seamlessly access the same data through a single system within their existing clinical workflows.
Virtual Care Platform
Virtual care is becoming an integrated part of the healthcare system, offering patients greater access to healthcare services. In addition, these flexible and scalable platforms are giving providers greater access to their patients and information to help provide a fast, easy, and reliable virtual care experience for their patients.
Holistic Healthcare Webinar Cover Image
VidyoHealth's Holistic Healthcare webinar, from June 7th, 2022 provides insight into our complete suite of healthcare solutions and how they have evolved over time. Take a look at the various solutions available and how they work together to answer workflow challenges.
We need to start looking at what telehealth has to offer from a more forward-thinking, enterprise level perspective. Telehealth has the potential to significantly improve the way health systems deliver care by creating virtual-first care environments. Download the eBook and seize this opportunity to transform the industry.
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