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Allina Health Case Study resource
How the Minnesota-based health care system uses Vidyo integration with Ignis Health to create an efficient mode of care for rural communities.
UW Health hospital
Expanding a solution already in use for other purposes enabled the Wisconsin health system to rapidly scale a virtual rounding to protects employees, conserve PPE, and ensure that patient information is secure.
Chicago's Rush Hospital
On-demand video visits at Rush University Medical Center have earned a Net Promoter score of 89 so far this year, with more than half of them related to concern over coronavirus.
Inside End-to-End Digital Healthcare Infographic banner graphic
Everything you need to know about telehealth for more than just video conferencing. Learn about some innovative use cases, and the technical requirements to launch your own virtual health program.
Allina Hospitals And Clinics Case Study
Allina Hospitals and Clinics found VidyoHealth to be an imperative time-saving tool in their EDs and MedSurg units.
Medical University Of South Carolina Case Study
With VidyoHealth, MUSC has been able to expand their clinical reach to the most rural areas of South Carolina.
All Valley Women’s Care Case Study
All Valley Women’s Care was able to increase their user satisfaction by 40-50% with VidyoHealth.
Allegheny Health Network Case Study
Allegheny Health was able to expand their reach with VidyoHealth and support thousands more patients than they previously could.
Infographic banner End-to-End Digital Healthcare
With the right technology infrastructure, virtualized care has the potential to bring benefits to a great number of care scenarios. Learn about some of the most effective use cases to consider for telehealth.
Finding the best option for your company can be challenging, but with the help of Vidyo’s professional services experts, you’ll be prepared for any situation.
Whether you need assistance with optimizing an existing installation or implementing an entirely new solution, Vidyo Deployment Services has you covered.
Learn more about video technology for hybrid and distributed teams in this whitepaper. By building processes and practices that give employees greater choice in when and where they work, employers can ease the personal and professional concerns of their employees while building a more agile workforce equipped for the future of work.
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