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It is in this exciting context that we introduce the EPIC Monitor & Vidyo Integration, a sophisticated solution designed to revolutionize inpatient and outpatient workflows,
VidyoPlatform provides a powerful and flexible video communication infrastructure designed specifically for the healthcare industry.
While the cases of RSV among children are easing, pediatric hospitals are still facing an enormous uphill battle to stay financially viable, maintain optimal staffing levels, and provide the highest quality patient care.
It is an easy-to-use, advanced, and robust virtual patient observation solution that connects at-risk patients to remote observers over video.
Vidyo's Advanced Telehealth Platform brings telehealth collaboration to new heights with its advanced group sessions and breakout rooms. These tools extend fresh avenues for collaborative care, allowing multidisciplinary teams to coordinate and cohost virtual group therapy sessions effectively and efficiently. These tools also enable patients to actively participate in group therapy sessions from a convenient and comfortable location.
A medical cart, armed with advanced videoconferencing technology, high-resolution cameras, and requisite emergency supplies can effectively bridge this divide.
Elderly man on a virtual doctors visit using his phone.
Senior executives strive to deliver patient-centered care while overcoming logistical challenges and keeping pace with technological advancements. Vidyo Healthcare empowers organizations to address these pain points with innovative, efficient, and patient-focused telehealth solutions.
Vidyo's Advanced Telehealth Platform is purpose-built to address these challenges by enabling seamless, patient centric care. This white paper details the innovative features of Vidyo's platform and outlines the 'why' behind each, demonstrating how Vidyo overcomes common healthcare barriers.
Use Case Real-Time Telehealth Workflows with Epic EMR for In-Patient Care
This case study summarized how a large hospitable was able to enable real-time video consultations with patients by integrating existing Epic EMT system with Vidyo.
Download this eBook to discover how VidyoHealth solutions deliver enhanced pediatric telehealth services to patients and providers.
Download this eBook to learn how Telehealth services have experienced a significant rise in adoption in the healthcare industry.
Download this solution brief to learn how to transform inpatient care with seamless communication and collaboration.
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