Vidyo Healthcare Summit : LIT Awards


“Our telehealth work is embedded in everything that we do”

“We have well over 300 physicians trained and have done some level of telehealth and telemedicine visits”

This year we took the time to shine a light on our most innovative customers and found ourselves surprised at all they have in store for the future. Take a look as our Vidyo ecosystem continues to break the barriers of telemedicine!

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“Good morning everybody all right that’s good energy while today’s on conference day, so I hope everybody is ready to engage and interact and lead sessions and have big ideas.  We’re gonna have a great day. But first, I hope everybody had fun last night. I dragged a bunch of our team down and do some line dancing and then chickened out myself. Oh well, but I hope everybody had a great time last night.
Our first session today is a session that I’m super excited about this is our Leaders Innovating Telehealth Awards and our awards are all about honoring our customers and the great things that you guys are doing to really change the lives of others. So very very excited about this session. Our award finalists we had a great set of nominations – really some incredible stories and we have some great submissions. Our Award finalists are Children’s Hospital Colorado, the Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center working with MUSC, and the Morris Health System. So what we’re going to do here this morning is that each of our finalists is going to come up and they’ve got 12 – 15 minutes to share their stories. We want to learn about what they’ve done, learn about the benefits that they’ve delivered and how they’ve really made the lives of patients
better and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna vote on your favorite story .All of our Award winners will receive a lovely piece of glass, pretty heavy…don’t worry we’ll we’ll mail it to you, will ship it to you. You don’t have to put it in your suitcase. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to invite our first presenter. We’re trying to be as democratic as possible and go in alphabetical order so our first presenter will be from Children’s Hospital Colorado. (…)”

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