Charleston Dorchester Mental Health: TelePsych

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It is a sector of population in need of help that often times ends up in the wrong place. We’re talking about people with mental health issue or addiction. Routinely, EMS units are dispatched down to help, but without a means to address the core problem.

“In the past, EMS had only have two options – we can either release them to law enforcement to transportation to jail or we can transfer them to emergency department. Beyond that, there were no other options for us. And our focus was really what kind of treatment at the back of the unit, as supposed to where they need to go as the most appropriate treatment for them.”

Today, a new multi agency collaboration has taken he crucial steps towards the solution for those in need. It is called TelePsych – it is designed to keep mental health and addiction patients out of the jail and the emergency room.

“It helps address the root cause. It helps address their mental health and substances use disorders, and it doesn’t have them in an emergency department or in jail.”


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