COVID-19 Telemedicine Support

As the world responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, Vidyo is committed to doing its part to support organizations’ risk management efforts.

With its long history supporting healthcare, financial, government, technology and field service sectors, Vidyo offers a highly scalable and customizable video platform. Ensure your internal workflows remain resilient in the face of possible disruptions, and stay connected with customers to provide virtual face-to-face service.

Preparing our Healthcare Systems for the Pandemic

For every healthcare provider, a primary concern is how to protect front-line staff and other patients from spreading the potentially deadly infection. Vidyo is designed to support scenarios in which patients are isolated, and medical resources are stretched. Your clinicians, nurses and physicians can provide remote diagnoses and treatments to patients far and wide.

Vidyo COVID-19 Emergency Rooms

While we hope the COVID-19 outbreak does not impact your community, we know healthcare systems must be on alert. Prepare now for the next wave of the pandemic by installing COVID-19 emergency rooms. You can still provide optimal care while reducing the amount of trips into patient rooms to protect both staff and patients and to reduce the cost of PPE.  

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

The Vidyo Safeguard Bundle is for hospital systems that need a turnkey solution to connect providers with patients and their families within an in-patient setting. IT managers want a rapidly deployable and configurable solution to meet the specific needs of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, healthcare providers need solutions to diagnose and treat patients showing signs of COVID-19, while limiting exposure to other patients and themselves

Unlike other clinical solutions, the Vidyo Safeguard Bundle is scalable, flexible, and can be integrated into your existing network of displays. 


Continuum of Care Whitepaper

Vidyo provides purpose-built telehealth solutions that support highquality, timely care to improve patient outcomes. Learn more about someof the 4,500 hospitals across the United States using Vidyo solutions to deliver superior care and cut costs.

Tytocare Heart Rate Exam

Ochsner Innovations in Telehealth Programs Webinar

The TytoCare integration is a cloud-based telehealth solution that simulates a comprehensive physical examination using portable connected diagnostic devices. Using Vidyo’s proven telehealth platform, doctors can perform physical exams remotely using TytoCare’s all-in-one stethoscope, otoscope, tongue depressor, exam camera and thermometer.  

VidyoConnect Security

Security starts with sound processes. Vidyo maintains an information security governance policy that controls the way the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information is handled, thereby preventing misuse and malicious damage that could impact Vidyo operations and ultimately our customers and partners.

Webinar: Solutions for Post- Pandemic Challenges

Watch our webinar with ViTelNet. Learn how to develop remote patient monitoring workflows and integrations as well as rapid development, deployment, and testing of mobile telehealth.

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