A remote patient observation solution that helps prevent patient falls and manage chronic conditions without overburdening staff

Remote patient observation benefits patients and providers by being able to monitor up to 16 rooms per observer.

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VirtualSitter: Vidyo’s advanced remote patient observation solution

Patient safety is critical in the healthcare system. Prevention of falls, chronic care, suicide prevention and seamless communication chains are all integral to benefiting patients, providers and administration. Vidyo’s VirtualSitter is a new class of patient safety virtual monitoring solution that ensures bi-directional communication, end to end support with easy implementation and deployment. 

Observe multiple patients with remote patient observation 

With the Vidyo solution for remote patient observation, clinicians can easily observe multiple patients at the same time on the same screen from any location. Observers can set up rooms and categories, where each room is assigned to a category, and adjust depending on the status of the patients. Clinicians can select critical, discharge, or fall risk, as well as add any other relevant categories.  

Conferencing with a patient has never been easier with onscreen buttons for audio-only or audio-visual calls. An easy-to-use zoom tool allows for better observation and enhanced clinician-patient engagement. Clinicians can also invite family members, providers, or specialists to join the conference via an onscreen email/SMS invitation option. There is also a “doorbell” alert to let patients know a conference is about to begin. A privacy option is available for patients who want to have confidential conversations with family or friends. Welcome to the new era of virtual monitoring 

Effective interdisciplinary collaboration for healthcare and telehealth

Desktop, tablet, smartphone via any web browser 

VirtualSitter includes compact video hardware with cloud-based practitioner licenses to enable remote patient observation and virtual clinical consults from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone via any web browser. You can also continue to build on your end-to-end virtual experience with medical carts and peripherals or use pre-existing technology to cut costs. Deployment and implementation has never been easier! 

What is remote patient observation?

Remote Patient Observation is a technology enabled solution that uses innovations in information technology to allow the streamlined collection of patient data beyond the traditional healthcare setting. 

Connects at-risk patients to remote observers over video

Mobile medical carts equipped with cameras are left with at risk patients

An observer at a command center can observe multiple patients at one time via a video connection and can contact both the patient and onsite medical staff as necessary

Utilizing one patient observer for several patients serves to stretch staff resources without sacrificing patient safety

Empowers patient observers to avoid infectious disease, since they are no longer required to be in the room with the patients they are observing

Benefits of Patient Virtual Monitoring  

There are many benefits of VirtualSitter, some of which include:

Improves data driven clinical decision making

Helps patients improve self management and care plan adherence

Cost of Care reduction for payers and providers

Reduces patient’s expenses and improves work productivity

Optimizes clinical staff efficiency and combats clinical staff shortages

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