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Vidyo’s advanced inpatient and outpatient telehealth technology!!

Real-Time Telehealth Workflows with Epic

Vidyo’s successful integration with Epic enables healthcare providers to deliver high-quality virtual care to patients using Epic’s EHR.

Vidyo can be integrated with Epic’s EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record) platform, used in multiple ranges of software and hardware systems, making it a flexible and customizable solution for organizations with complex technology ecosystems.

Vidyo is a fully encrypted solution that provides high-quality audio and video communications, with several security features in place that protects user’s data and privacy. With its patented technology, experience simplified scheduling and documentation with custom workflows and integrations. Communicate effectively in real-time by looping interpreters and overcoming language barriers regardless of the patient’s native language.

Connect with care:
Vidyo’s Inpatient Room Solution for Epic Users

Vidyo’s integration with Epic is designed to make it easy for healthcare providers to schedule and conduct virtual visits with patients directly from the Epic EHR platform. The successful integration between Vidyo and Epic Monitor has enhanced the virtual coordination between patients and care providers, enabling 2-way audio and video communication in an in-patient environment.

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Monitor patient data during virtual consultations which improves quality of care and patient outcomes. Vidyo’s deep integration with Epic Monitor makes us one of the few vendors offering complete inpatient care, with a bundled hardware package. Access real-time patient data such as vital signs, and lab results, during consultations or remote monitoring which helps make more informed decisions.

Hospitals can either select to make use of our VidyoRoom systems or implement the VidyoConnect software edition on their existing medical devices, wall-mounted TVs, or other hardware devices.

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Transform inpatient care with Vidyo and Epic integration

Single Unified Platform:

Get rid of managing multiple systems, and perform virtual rounding, monitoring, and consultations based on the data points within Epic.

Improve clinical decision-making:

Access real-time patient data during live consultations and make more informed decisions based on updated info.

Increase staff efficiency and productivity:

Seamlessly collaborate with patients, specialists, and other care team members in an inpatient environment.

Improve care coordination:

Enhance the quality of care and reduce the chances of error with the right set of patient data.

Enhanced patient outcomes:

With the live data feed, healthcare providers can identify potential health issues and intervene if required.

Real-time Telehealth workflows with Vidyo and Epic integration

With Vidyo’s long-standing integration with Epic, healthcare providers can perform compliant and secure video conferencing within various clinical workflows, thereby delivering the ability to leverage the telehealth functionality.

For Epic Vidyo visits, patients can log into MyChart, view their appointments, and simply click to join the video consultation. Clinicians using Hyperspace™, Canto™, and Haiku™ interfaces can pull up their list of appointments and select any patient to review their chart irrespective of device or location. Clinicians can quickly join the call for a virtual consultation, continue charting, write scripts, and place orders, like a physical patient consultation.

Elevate Out-patient care with Vidyo and Epic integration:

Streamlined workflows:

Care providers can access the patient data directly during virtual consultations, helping them make more informed decisions.

Enhanced patient outcomes:

Patients can join the calls easily using the link from their MyChart application, without downloading anything.

Boost patient care experience:

Vidyo and Epic integration makes it easier for patients to access care from the comfort of their homes, especially patients from remote areas.

Enhance productivity and save cost:

Clinicians can perform more virtual visits without spending less time per patient which reduces the need for in-person visits as well as hospital readmissions.

Leverage real-time telehealth communications without boundaries

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