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Creating a Unified Virtual Health Strategy to Enhance the Healthcare Experience
for Patients and Providers


Enhance the Healthcare Experience for Patients and Providers

The quick adoption of telehealth has brought significant opportunities to advance the Quadruple Aim. We explored this topic and more in our webinar, Creating a Unified Virtual Health Strategy to Enhance the Healthcare Experience for Patients and Providers, held December 14th.

Join Steven Pericht, Telehealth Channel Sales Manager at Enghouse and Noel Khirsukhani, Chief Growth Officer at Andor Health as they explain how real-time video can enhance patient encounters and transform collaboration across the continuum of care.

You will learn how to create a unified virtual health strategy that:

Streamlines clinical workflows to alleviate administrative burdens and increase provider satisfaction

Advances interdisciplinary care collaboration to improve outcomes

Creates an immersive care environment to improve adherence and enhance the patient experience

Integrates provider systems, EMRs and other resources across technology environments to reduce costs

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