Virtual Care Platform Use Case: Tele ICU

Tele ICU services offer technology-enabled care from any remote location. With VidyoHealth, clinicians can leverage virtual care technology to enhance care collaboration, monitor critical patients 24/7, and never miss drastic changes in patients’ conditions.

Benefits of Virtual Care Platform Tele ICU Solution

tele ICU monitor

Access to experienced clinicians  

Remote video consultations are secure and effective tools for ICU patients. It enables providers to collaborate with experts in a specific field and guarantees patients are getting the necessary care. 

vitel Net tele ICU

Integrate into your existing workflow 

Integrates seamlessly with existing technology. Providers experience seamless work and data flow, making it simple to review patient records and navigate appointments. 

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Lower expenses 

Tele ICU remote technology helps cut costs by utilizing existing resources without spending on external assistance, enhances intensivists’ monitoring capabilities, and reduces patient length of stay and mortality rates. 

A doctor and a nurse looking at patient in ICU

Reduce patient length of stay 

Thanks to 24/7 remote monitoring technology, clinicians can catch warning signs of decline before they escalate. These early intervention capabilities save on costs and resources and provide an enhanced level of patient care. 

Tele ICU Features

In emergency-care situations, services need to be efficient, secure and provide the necessary tools to access key patient information. VidyoHealth‘s virtual care platform enhances existing resources, allowing care teams to make critical decisions.  

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Translation services

Enable foreign-speaking patients to translate critical information about their medical history with on-demand translators. This tele ICU service is crucial for the healthcare team when creating a care plan with little time. 

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HIPAA compliant

Patients’ private medical records are protected and secured with HIPAA compliance. Tele ICU services require rapid decision-making, so providers can offer efficient care without sacrificing the patients’ security. 

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Live consultations

Collaborate with experts, patient family, or colleagues with live video consultations. With access to the right people, providers can guarantee they are making the best decision possible for their patients. 

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Real-time patient data

Providers have access to patient data in real-time, enhancing their productivity and efficiency when determining the best care plan in emergency situations. The virtual care platform makes it easy to access the patients’ medical history and any important notes from previous providers. 

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