Virtual Care Platform Use Case: eClinic

Access to healthcare services is something that is often taken for granted. However, with Eclinic’s in rural communities, workplaces, and pharmacies, patients can access specialized or urgent care wherever they are. With expanded access to healthcare services, patients do not need to wait until it is too late to see a clinician, or worse, forego treatment altogether. 

Benefits of Virtual Care Platform eClinic Solution

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Affordable access to specialists  

Patients with chronic conditions do not need to spend excessive amounts of money on travel, relocate their lives, or receive less-than-ideal. eClinic services are located within their community, requiring minimal travel. 

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Positive Patient Outcome

High-quality video with HIPAA compliant, touchscreen interface, and private rooms contribute to making virtual consultations feel like an in-person doctor’s appointment.  

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Extension of care services 

Providers can expand their services to a greater audience of patients with eClinics. Specialists are no longer limited to individuals in their close geographic location. Instead, they can serve patients across the country without excessive travel and expenses. 

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Ability to see more patients 

Virtual care services empower providers with the ability to see more patients in less time. Remote healthcare technology also helps make appointments more efficient with easy access to patient records, zero travel between appointments, and the ability to collaborate with other experts to resolve patient queries faster. 

eClinic Features

VidyoHealth‘s virtual care platform provides convenient and accessible access to healthcare services in communities and scenarios where services are otherwise limited. Remote video consultations offer multiple benefits to patients and providers and help to provide greater quality of care.  

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Access to patients’ records

Remote care providers have access to patients’ virtual records, allowing them to provide timely diagnoses for emergency situations, chronic care patients, and regular check-ins. 

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3 modular configuration options

Our eClinic solutions are configurable to a variety of scenarios, including offices, clinics, or any community spaces. This means these services can be used in a wider variety of locations. 

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Touch Screen

The user-friendly touch screen technology allows patients to easily navigate any prompts on the screen, select symptoms, and fill in personal information before they meet with a virtual care provider. 

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Secure and high-quality video

The high-quality video capabilities are secure and guarantee the providers can see physical symptoms, provide instructions when using medical tools, and makes diagnosing patients easier and more efficient. 

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On-site vital monitoring capabilities

Patients are equipped with the tools needed to conduct a thorough and effective appointment. Providers can remotely retrieve vitals, heart, lung, and visually inspect patient conditions with the help of diagnostic tools provided to the patient. 

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Educational modules

Patients have the option to view educational modules to provide additional insight on medical concerns and anything they should be aware of. This saves time during appointments and provides helpful resources to patients. 

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