Virtual Care Platform

Use Case: Infectious Diseases Telehealth Solution 

With VidyoHealth’s infectious diseases telehealth solution, you can screen and triage patients in a safe environment. Initial infectious diseases can be screened, documentation can be provided on demand and patients can access a virtual waiting room and live video conferencing with our virtual care platform. 

doctor holding a brain MRI talking to patient through video conferencing
  • Telehealth triage – no installation necessary  
  • Immediate deployment with clinicians’ and patients’ existing devices 
  • Leverage your existing call center 
  • Per provider pricing that helps you scale 
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant 
  • Simple click-to-join for both patients & staff 


A point of view shot of a woman recieving telehealth-enabled remote patient monitoring. Her doctor is explaining something over a video call while she sits in bed.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Infectious Disease Quarantining at Home 

You can care for COVID and infectious disease inflicted patients from anywhere, anytime with our virtual care platform.  

  • Easy, convenient, remote evaluation & treatment 
  • Limit staff & patient exposure, while improving access to care 
  • Use patients’ own devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC) 
  • Diagnose & triage more quickly 
  • Save time, money, … and lives 


female doctor treating patient with chronic disease through telehealth

Infectious Disease Telehealth Consultations  

Our infectious disease telehealth solution allows providers, nurses, and family members to gain access to remote controlled cameras to minimize exposure of contagious disease. It also helps minimize the need for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Care teams and remote specialists can collaborate with bedside staff in acute or ICU rooms for patients. 

  • Patient information recorded in the EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record) can be entered quickly in the web app 
  • Images and data transmitted to the remote specialist in real-time 
  • HIPAA-compliant communications and access to patient data 
doctor monitoring patient ICU

Remote Critical Care 

Remotely manage patients in your isolation units with VidyoHealth’s infectious disease telehealth solution. Care teams can support on-demand consultations for patients from the nurses’ station or an off-site location. Minimize the need for staff to enter the isolation unit for greater staff safety and decrease demand for PPE. 

  • Auto-answer enabled mobile telehealth workstations for unmanned utilization 
  • Observe the patient & devices in the isolation room with remote-controlled, pan-tilt-zoom camera 
  • Host multi-party conferencing for care team collaboration 
  • Interpreter-on-demand within your telehealth workflow 
  • With just 3 clicks, clinicians are connected to live interpreters 

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