Change Healthcare with Vidyo: Pioneering EHR-Integrated Video Conferencing with Ease 

Redefine healthcare delivery with Vidyo’s EHR-integrated video conferencing. Experience superior patient care that’s not just efficient and effective, but also effortlessly accessible.

Bringing Care Closer with Vidyo’s EHR-Integrated Video Solutions 

What makes us different? We can build the workflows and customizations that your run of the mill video conferencing platform does not have. Vidyo’s Telehealth platform is designed specifically for healthcare applications, offering several key advantages over the basic video conferencing capabilities often bundled with EHR systems: 

Specialized for Healthcare

Built with the unique needs of healthcare providers and patient care in mind. Designed for delivering care remotely, such as peripheral streaming and remote camera control. 

Superior 4K Video Quality

High-definition video and audio quality, which can significantly enhance the virtual care experience for both healthcare providers and patients. 

Highly Scalable Solution

Highly scalable, allowing it to effectively support both small practices and large healthcare institutions. This makes it a suitable choice regardless of the size of your organization. 

Effortless Integration

While some EHR systems include basic video conferencing capabilities, Vidyo’s platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of EHR systems. This allows healthcare providers to use video conferencing directly from within their EHR system, streamlining workflows. 

Security and Compliance

Vidyo takes the security and privacy of healthcare data seriously. Its platform is designed to comply with healthcare regulations like HIPAA, ensuring that patient data is secure during video consultations. 

Support and Reliability

Vidyo offers robust customer support to ensure that any issues are promptly resolved. It also has a strong track record of system reliability, which is essential for healthcare applications where system downtime can affect patient care. 

Doctor holding an ipad with the text "EHR" (Electronic Health Records) overlapping the page.

Streamline Patient Care through EHR-Integrated Video Conferencing

With Vidyo, healthcare goes beyond the traditional boundaries. Our cutting-edge video conferencing solutions seamlessly integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHR), enabling healthcare providers to deliver remote care effectively and efficiently. Enhance patient consultation with real-time video interactions right from within your EHR system. Save time, increase patient satisfaction, and deliver high-quality care, all at a click of a button.  

No EHR? No Problem with Vidyo’s Flexible Video Conferencing 

Our video conferencing solutions are designed with adaptability at their core. Even without a third-party EHR system, you can leverage our platform to provide secure, high-quality video consultations. Our standalone video conferencing solution allows you to connect with patients from anywhere, at any time. It’s a versatile solution designed to ensure effective healthcare communication, regardless of your existing IT infrastructure. 

Patient using Remote Patient Observation Technology on her phone.

Get Started with Vidyo Today

Take the first step towards superior healthcare delivery. Whether you have an EHR system or not, Vidyo’s video conferencing solutions are here to elevate your healthcare services. Get started today and transform your patient care experience. 

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