Virtual healthcare providers periodically assess various program metrics to understand their current state and maturity and benchmark them against peers and industry innovators. Vidyo has developed a model to help you assess the maturity of your virtual health program and guide your program to success.

The Virtual Care Maturity Model assessment tool will help you measure the scope and impact of your program relative to your industry peers and understand industry best practices and benchmarks. It will provide you with valuable insights to help you craft internal proposals to strategically expand your program and request resources for such growth.

Whether your facility is just starting out in virtual care or is a deeply embedded veteran, a maturity model is one key aspect of an evolving enterprise-wide virtual care strategy. If you haven’t assessed your virtual care program lately, our model will help you do so.

The assessment is based on four dimensions of virtual care: motivation, technology, reimbursement, and utilization. Your program’s maturity in each of these categories will range from non-active to embedded.

Once you have completed the assessment, determined your organization’s status, and benchmarked it against peers and innovators, you may decide to move to the next level of virtual care maturity.

There are four essential components to moving to the next level in your virtual care model:

  • Understand the current state of your organization.
  • Create a strategy for virtual care based on your organizational goals.
  • Implement a robust, repeatable process for deploying new virtual care programs.
  • Follow a methodical change-management program to encourage program adoption.

“Knowing your virtual healthcare program’s maturity makes it easier to move to the next level,” said Kathleen Thousand, Director of Clinical Services for Vidyo. “This assessment enables you to leverage that insight to advance your program.”

For more details and to get started assessing your program, please see our short-form maturity model. A member of our healthcare team will contact you after you’ve filled it out and guide you through a more in-depth assessment to measure the maturity of your virtual health program.

co-written by: Rakesh Mehta

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