When we hear the term “telehealth,” we automatically think of a physician-patient video visit; however, the term encompasses so much more than that. Let’s consider how to improve patient care with medical carts. With telehealth-enabled technology, the medical cart becomes a mobile, flexible healthcare delivery solution bringing the benefits of telemedicine to any healthcare experience. 

The Impact on Patient Care With Medical Carts

Having medical carts at a patients’ bedside enables real-time, multidisciplinary consultations. Not to mention, transportable medical carts reduce both delays in care and allow for more effective care collaboration. In particular, they are especially beneficial in rural areas or locations without access to high-demand specialists. Medical carts with high-quality audio capabilities automatically adjust for louder and softer voices to guarantee everyone can be heard, even in areas with lots of background noise like a busy emergency department. The best solutions come equipped with high-quality PTZ cameras, digital stethoscopes, Horus scopes, and relevant telehealth technology that enable detailed remote assessments and observation. When medical carts connect to a centrally located ICU monitoring location, organizations can better leverage existing staff while mitigating the impact of staffing shortages.  

Using medical carts is also a great way to enhance the effectiveness of rounding. In general, bringing the care team, specialists, and the patients’ families together virtually at their bedside helps improve harmony. As a result, this ensures everyone understands the diagnosis and care plan. Medical carts come in various sizes and configurations so that you can choose the right option for your healthcare institution rounding needs. Whether you require a slim version that tucks away easily or a version equipped with a keyboard, mouse, and supplemental battery supply. Some medical carts even offer a hand-held version for greater mobility and flexibility.  

Enhancing patient care with medical carts is easy with access to telehealth technology. Patients and their families can easily connect with the care team from any location, which is a crucial part of the care experience—and is a major aspect of your brand promise. When physicians and patients can connect with a single click, it promotes confidence and starts the encounter on a positive foot.   

Choosing a Medical Cart Solution

When choosing a medical cart solution, a solution that provides robust analytics is the best option. It can be challenging to capture the level of analytics needed to ensure regulatory compliance, track performance against best practices, and drive continuous improvement. Be sure to choose a solution that allows you to measure encounters, outcomes, and appointment types by location, provider, specialties, and patient populations. And that also offers financial analytics by revenue and payer mix, as well as by provider, payer, diagnoses, and location.  

To enhance patient care software-based medical cart solutions are a great option. They can be fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant for both media and signaling. Additionally, a solution that optimizes for high fidelity across a variety of networks, devices, and locations, as well as one that seamlessly integrates with your EMR and existing workflows.

 Getting Started is Easy

Medical carts optimized with relevant telehealth technology can improve care outcomes and the patient experience while enhancing workflows and reducing costs. The good news is that medical carts do not require extensive IT investments or in-house staff to maintain them. But not all solutions are equal. Look for an integrated solution that supports end-to-end digital healthcare delivery. The VidyoConnect Medical Cart Experience from VidyoHealth is a great choice. VidyoConnect is a video conferencing solution purpose-built for healthcare practitioners who value an easy-to-use video experience to perform virtual rounds, remote ICU monitoring, and multidisciplinary consults.  

VidyoHealth helps providers easily reach more patients across the care continuum. With video-enabled virtual care solutions, providers can better manage chronic disease cases with remote patient monitoring. This solution results in reduced avoidable readmissions and improved patient satisfaction. Our new GTS VirtualHealth Remote Patient Monitoring SaaS platform easily connects with EMRs/EHRs, Bluetooth devices, and other existing telehealth technologies.  


We make it easy for your patients to connect with you with just one click. There is no need for them to download an app or deal with a complicated login process. 

 VidyoHealth enables you to deliver the highest quality remote care to patients through any device, network, and browser. Learn why more than 4,000 healthcare providers trust VidyoHealth. Visit www.vidyohealth.com.

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