Professional Services

Hybrid Cloud Expansion

Rapidly scale your business and expand your reach with hybrid cloud expansion. Whether your business is growing or you are facing unforeseen circumstances, Vidyo Professional Services will expand your video capacity within days.

Grow your Business at the Touch of a Button

Priority Installation

After placing your order, begin using your additional capacity within days.

Flexible Plans

Leverage additional capacity due to unforeseen circumstances and purchase a short-term plan. Re-evaluate your needs as you reach the expiration date.

All-In-One Package

Each cloud expansion plan has everything you need to be fully operational including installation, maintenance, and standard cloud service and support.

Rapid Results

With Vidyo’s hybrid cloud expansion plans, you can rest easy knowing flexible coverage is available to support your organization.

Hear it From Our Customers 

“Since deploying Vidyo’s hybrid solutions, many of IDSolutions’ clients can now offer virtual visits to five times more patients and effectively reduce the number of visitors entering hospitals.”

“With IDSolution’s full-service telehealth offering and Vidyo’s video connectivity platform and infrastructure, both organizations developed a different way to care that was effective and quick.” 

Nicholas Luthy

Vice President of Products and Marketing, IDSolutions

More than


Americans working from home

Hybrid Cloud Expansion Support During Covid-19

More than 62% of Americans are currently working from home and have relied on video conferencing during the pandemic to maintain internal and external communication. Organizations have had to reimagine the way employees work.

For those in the healthcare industry, this past year has seen a significant increase in the use of telehealth. Many healthcare organizations had to adapt overnight to either a brand-new telehealth program or rapidly expand their existing program.


Leave the Heavy Lifting to our Professional Services

Burst Your On-Premises Vidyo Capacity in the Cloud

The Vidyo Platform

Ultimate Choice in Deployment

The Vidyo platform gives users unparalleled control over their video solution by offering flexible deployment options from cloud to on-premise.

Unmatched Quality and Industry-Leading Technology

The Vidyo platform provides high availability, low latency, and managed internet route optimization.

Highly Secure and Customizable Video Experience

Our platform delivers custom video solutions with industry-leading performance that protect your organization’s sensitive information.


COVID-19 Support

As the world responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, Vidyo is committed to doing its part to support organizations’ risk management efforts.


Case Study: IDSolutions

Today, Vidyo and IDSolutions in partnership deploy the power of cloud-based solutions to offer instant telehealth support to their customers when they need it most.


Solution Brief: Hybrid Cloud Expansion

Finding the best option for your organization can be challenging, but with the help of Vidyo’s professional services experts, you’ll be prepared for any situation.


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