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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telehealth SaaS solution

GTS VirtualHealth is a secure, open-architected, provider-centric Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telehealth SaaS solution and the only RPM solution that has received Federal Risk Acceptance and Management Program (FedRAMP) approval, the US Federal Government’s highest standard for security and privacy and the highest standard that exists in the market. Simple to use by both patients and providers, GTS Virtual Health is an enterprise RPM solution designed to not only meet the complex needs of large enterprises today, but to grow and transform with them as the capabilities of RPM and the needs of the healthcare organizations grow and change.

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Secure: GTS VirtualHealth has successfully completed the FedRAMP approval process and is the only RPM SaaS platform that is FedRAMP approved. This objectively makes it the most secure, resilient, and scalable RPM platform in the market.

Open-architected: GTS VirtualHealth is designed to be as flexible as possible. This includes:
• Extensible – Additional capabilities can readily be added to the platform
• Flexible – GTS VirtualHealth can be adapted to fit within the workflows of customers
• Agnostic – Bluetooth and wireless devices from any manufacturer can be added to the platform
• Forward compatible – GTS VirtualHealth can be configured to include capabilities as they come to market

Provider-centric: GTS VirtualHealth follows the healthcare model in that readings and assessments are chosen and prescribed by the provider. This allows RPM to be one integrated component in a larger treatment plan including all other provider/patient interactions.

Elegant Simplicity: All capabilities within GTS VirtualHealth are focused on being easy for all participants to understand and use. This includes shaping usage to fit into the existing workflows of providers, reducing potential provider workloads while improving patient outcomes as well as making the platform very easy for patients, reducing the barrier to adoption.

Competitive Advantage

Most RPM solutions are device centric or disease state centric. This significantly limits the ability to scale across an entire healthcare system. The GTS-VP can expand to include any disease state and incorporate any device.

While other RPM solutions are trying to build in additional pieces that overlap with EMR capabilities, the GTS-VP is intended to fit into the workflows and existing capabilities of health systems, maximizing the value of current capital investments. This flexibility also provides continuity to those systems as they seek to update their investments.

With security as a major focus for healthcare, the GTS-VP is demonstrably more secure and can readily show this to any potential customer. As such, making use of the GTS-VP represents a significant risk reduction for healthcare systems.

The ability to work across all disease states allows for cooperative care of patients between primary care providers and specialists. This is particularly important in value-based care models.

The GTS SmartShare mobile app allows family and friends to be included in the treatment process. Studies have shown significant improvements in patient outcomes when family members are involved in the care process.


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