Vidyo/Thinklabs One Integration

Best-in-Class Auscultation for Professional Telemedicine Visits
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Vidyo and Thinklabs, unrivaled leaders in telemedicine, have been working together for more than five years to create the best-in-class integrated video and audio experience.

By simply clicking the stethoscope icon in VidyoConnect, the provider can listen to the stethoscope on their patient in a remote location. While listening, the provider can instruct the patient and remote nurse. Then simply click again to return to regular videoconference audio. The simple and easy interface inside VidyoConnect means there’s no interruption to the regular workflow of the physical exam.

Thinklabs is the leader in electronic auscultation, setting the standard for stethoscope audio quality for more than a decade. Thinklabs digital stethoscopes are used by clinicians and researchers at leading institutions around the globe.

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