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Real Time Telehealth Communication directly with patient and clinician interface.
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The only thing better than real time video communication is the ability to embed it directly with the existing user interface for both patients and clinicians and Vidyo enabled Epic to do that. With Epic’s Video Visits, patients can log into MyChart, view their upcoming appointments and simply tap a button to connect to the virtual examination room and clinicians can pull up their list of appointments and select any patient to review his or her chart irrespective of their device or location. And, if it is a telehealth consultation, he or she can simply click to join. The clinician is able to continue charting, write scripts, and place orders in real time while carrying on the face to face interaction with the patient – just like he or she would if the patient were physically present. With high-tech infrastructure and easy integrations, Video Visits is enhancing real time telehealth communication.

Epic’s software is currently used to help care for over 190 million people worldwide. They work with some of the nation’s most respected healthcare organizations and leading research institutions to develop, implement and support software to reduce medical errors, improve screening for diseases, and increase the quality of patient care.

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