Telemedicine Therapy:
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Telemedicine therapy, also known as telehealth therapy, is rapidly evolving for patients and providers. Previous barriers like geography, illness, time constraints, or communication are no longer relevant. Therapists can now expand their services to a larger demographic and provide their expert services to patients in need without excessive travel.  Telemedicine therapy also allows patients to receive adequate care from the comfort of their homes without sacrificing face-to-face interactions and quality of care.




According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 50 million adults in the U.S. live with a mental illness, yet fewer than half receive treatment.1 Of those that do, the average time between onset of symptoms and treatment is 11 years.2 While the reasons individuals don’t get the care they need are many and complex, one of the biggest issues is lack of access.
Just 45% of counties in the U.S. have a practicing psychiatrist.3
Stress from the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the subject of mental health to the forefront with more people seeking treatment than ever before.4 This makes now the perfect time to implement a permanent telehealth option for your behavioral health patients.

The good news is that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 2022 Physician Fee Schedule has permanently eliminated geographic restrictions so that patients can receive diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for mental health disorders in their home.5

What is Telemedicine Therapy?

Telemedicine therapy is just like regular therapy, only done in a remote capacity. Patients are able to meet with their therapists from the comfort of their own home. Telehealth therapy has proven to be a highly effective form of therapy and boasts a variety of benefits.

Improves convenience as appointments can be scheduled when it’s most convenient for the patient. 
Removes barriers for those without access to reliable transportation.
Expands access to individuals living in communities without a mental health provider.
Provides greater privacy for patients.
Increases patient satisfaction as 60% of Americans surveyed said they would use telehealth for mental healthcare services.6

Why use Telemedicine Therapy to provide services to patients?

Offering a telehealth option to your behavioral health patients has many benefits for the practice.


Reduce patient no-shows, late arrivals, and cancellations. Vidyo’s telehealth therapy services allow your organization to create customized reminders for your patients, helping to reduce missed appointments. Also, thanks to telemedicine, patients don’t need to worry about travel because patients can join from the comfort of their homes.


See more patients without adding staff or overhead. Staff can now see more patients in less time with virtual calls. Telemedicine therapy can improve staff productivity with less travel, provide easy-access to patient records and transcripts, and eliminate miscommunication.

Why use Telemedicine Therapy to provide services to patients?

Enhance patient satisfaction with flexible services. Offering telehealth therapy services are a crucial advantage when recruiting new clients. Patients can choose a provider based on their expertise and not worry about geographic barriers, serving people who can’t travel to your facility. Similarly, some patients are more comfortable speaking to a therapist from the comfort of their home, and now you can offer them that choice.


Improve patient outcomes. Telemedicine therapy increases the likelihood patients will complete the treatment plan, thereby improving outcomes. With the option to collaborate between behavioral health therapists, patients, and families, everyone has a clear understanding of the patient’s treatment plan.

VidyoHealth for Telemedicine Therapy

Behavioral healthcare is a highly sensitive, personal engagement that requires a great deal of trust and confidentiality between the patient and the provider. When conducting a remote session, providers need the ability to make eye contact with the patient and closely observe the patient’s behavior. This requires a robust and reliable telemedicine therapy solution that captures every detail in high definition regardless of bandwidth in the office or the patient’s home.

One of the most important benefits of choosing VidyoHealth is its ease of use. There are no apps to download or complicated login requirements. Both patients and providers can connect to their telemedicine therapy session with a single click over any device, network, or browser. It’s easy to get started with VidyoHealth. There’s no huge technology investment or need for IT resources. We make it simple with four deployment options to choose from:

    On Premise

    On-premises for the highest level of control over traffic, CDRs, and network access.

    Private Cloud

    Private cloud through Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.

    Hybrid Cloud

    hybrid option for continuous bandwidth optimization.

    Multi-Tenant Cloud

    The Multi-tenant cloud allows for easy deployment, vast scalability, silent upgrades, and proactive monitoring.

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