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VidyoHealth’s VirtualSitter is designed for hospitals and clinics that need turnkey solutions to connect providers with patients and their families within an in or outpatient setting. Unlike other clinical solutions on the market, VirtualSitter is scalable, flexible, and can be integrated into an existing network of audio and visual equipment. Clinicians can easily observe multiple patients at the same time on the same monitor from any location.

VidyoHealth for Acute Care

Staffing shortages have hit rural hospitals and clinics especially hard. Add to this skyrocketing expenses, falling reimbursement rates, lower volumes, and increased regulations and it comes as no surprise why so many rural healthcare organizations are on the verge of closing.[1]

  • 46 million Americans live in rural areas[2]
  • 25% of people living in rural areas say there are times when they can’t get the healthcare they need[3]
  • There are just 39.8 physicians for every 100,000 people living in rural areas[4]
  • 25% of the nation’s 1,430 rural hospitals are at risk of closing. [5]
Virtual Patient Monitoring
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Expand Patient Access and Retention

Increase health system reach and access through virtual consults, eliminating distance barriers.

 Reduce Length of Stay and Readmissions

Reduce Unnecessary Transfers

Fewer patient transfers generate more income for the local economy from lab work and pharmacy services and virtually collaborating with remote specialists.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Optional Integrations with Top EHRs

Customize and integrate into your clinical workflow to guarantee seamless communication between patient and provider.

Optimize Resources

Optimize Resources

Allocate care coordinators, case managers, and other staff as necessary, regardless of location.

VirtualSitter Use Cases for Rural Hospitals and Clinics


CT Scan, Index Collection

VirtualSitter makes it easy to access patient records, including notes from previous care providers, giving them a complete picture of the patient’s health without having to rely on the patient’s memory. VirtualSitter also allows patient images and screenshots (related to symptoms or injuries) to be saved on the patient file, which makes future reference faster and easier. In the early stages of patient admittance, care providers can access these records and assess the best course of action for the patient’s care plan more effectively.

A doctor using tablet and laptop to access patient information
A doctor and a nurse looking at patient in ICU

Standard/Special Transfer

Depending on the results from the initial assessment, patients may need to be transferred to a larger hospital in another location, creating multiple challenges for the patient, including the need to travel long distances to those facilities. This can cause immense financial burdens and time constraint issues for the patient. Those without the resources to make the trip suffer from a lack of access to the experts they need. With VirtualSitter audio-visual technology, rural patients are able to access the best, most appropriate providers and specialists when and where they need them. The rural care team can collaborate with experts regardless of location and include family members when determining the patient’s care plan.

Vital Signs Monitor and Control

Providers can observe patients 24/7 with VirtualSitter observation capabilities. The VirtualSitter, observation screens enable clinicians to remotely monitor up to 16 patients simultaneously. With around-the-clock focused monitoring, clinicians are better able to catch early signs of deterioration in patients before they progress too far. Due to staffing shortages in rural communities, nurses are already stretched thin. VirtualSitter works to empower rural nurses with the tools they need to make their lives easier while also enabling them to provide more effective, efficient care.

Two healthcare staff observing 16 patients on a monitor with VirtualSitters Patient Safety Solution.

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