ViTel Net has been leading telehealth innovation for over 30 years with industry leading technology. Its robust cloud platform streamlines clinical and operational workflows while providing clinicians access to all patient data with a single sign-on. ViTel Net’s “no code” configurable user experience enables the flexibility needed to provide care, quickly and cost effectively. The results – informed decisions that power greater efficiency, for better patient experiences and outcomes across the care continuum.


vCareCommand, the industry leading virtual care platform, delivers unparalleled high quality care to patients regardless of where they are. Built on 30+ years of experience in telehealth, our platform powers consistent workflows for in-person and remote encounters, ubiquitous access to patient data and imaging, patient engagement across all service lines and full access to business intelligence that supports complex system management.

EHR Integration: Simplified work and data flow for providers with bi-directional data interfaces and single sign-on support for any modern EHR

Imaging: Efficient cloud access with PACS integration and embedded medical imaging viewer and analysis tools directly within the web browser

Medical Device Integration: For real-time physical examination and asynchronous monitoring of patient vitals

Scheduling: Unified, multi-dimensional telehealth scheduling that streamlines management of clinics, equipment, providers and patient appointments

SBR Health

SBR Health

SBR Health implements sophisticated workflows for virtual visits, whether that is a simple, scheduled one-on-one appointment or an on-demand service that can bring in multiple providers, caregivers, and language interpreters. It works with most electronic health records to schedule visits and manage communication with patients and can deliver detailed reports and summaries.

SBR Health Applications include:

  • Virtual home and clinic visits
  • Post-discharge follow up
  • Virtual rounding for inpatient and outpatient care
  • Specialty consults
  • Remote ER support
  • Care coordination
  • Video-enabled call centers
  • Chronic disease management
  • Group visits
Video Visits

Video Visits

The only thing better than real time video communication is the ability to embed it directly with the existing user interface for both patients and clinicians and Vidyo enabled Epic to do that. With Epic’s Video Visits, patients can log into MyChart, view their upcoming appointments and simply tap a button to connect to the virtual examination room and clinicians can pull up their list of appointments and select any patient to review his or her chart irrespective of their device or location. And, if it is a telehealth consultation, he or she can simply click to join. The clinician is able to continue charting, write scripts, and place orders in real time while carrying on the face to face interaction with the patient – just like he or she would if the patient were physically present. With high-tech infrastructure and easy integrations, Video Visits is enhancing real time telehealth communication.



Started in 1979, Epic is a privately held company offering products tailored to address various aspects of medical center operations, including population health management, patient engagement and revenue cycle management. Epic develops, implements and supports software to reduce medical errors, improve screening for diseases, and increase the quality of patient care.

Today, Epic has helped serve more than 250 million patients globally. Its services are used in a wide range of care facilities, including academic medical centers, hospitals, rehab centers, dental clinics, patients homes and many more. The services offered alongside the solution include training, implementation, technical services, ongoing services, and continuous improvement.

Epic boasts the number of quality clients that use their services, with award winning services. With the majority of U.S. News and World Report’s top-ranked hospitals and medical schools using Epic services. Also, over half of the recipients from MAP and the HIMSS Davies Awards are clients of Epic. This impressive portfolio proves that Epics high quality services helps high performing organizations operate.



Cerner Corporation (Cerner) is a leading U.S. supplier of health information technology (HIT) services, devices, and hardware that optimize clinical and financial outcomes.

For 40 years, they’ve worked at the intersection of healthcare and information technology to connect people and systems around the world. They use the latest technology to create solutions that let communities and people engage in their own health. Whether customers are supporting the clinical, financial or operational areas of a hospital or health system, their tools are designed to work for today and think for tomorrow.

Cerner supports their clients by surfacing data that enables them to make informed decisions for better management of operations, while arming their clinicians with the information they need to provide smarter care. Empowering them to know, manage and engage with the people they serve. All to disrupt the industry and transform the way healthcare is delivered. When their clients move the meter in healthcare – increasing quality of care, reducing waste, and lowering costs – Cerner celebrates their efforts and share the wisdom gained by their success.

Cerner is devoted to improving the quality of life for everyone they serve. They seek to enhance communities through the development of healthy and educated individuals. It’s their mission to relentlessly seek breakthrough innovation that will shape healthcare of tomorrow. And they believe that what they do doesn’t just impact healthcare – it impacts the world. It’s why, more than ever, healthcare is too important to stay the same.™

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