SBR Health

SBR Health

SBR Health implements sophisticated workflows for virtual visits, whether that is a simple, scheduled one-on-one appointment or an on-demand service that can bring in multiple providers, caregivers, and language interpreters. It works with most electronic health records to schedule visits and manage communication with patients and can deliver detailed reports and summaries.

SBR Health Applications include:

  • Virtual home and clinic visits
  • Post-discharge follow up
  • Virtual rounding for inpatient and outpatient care
  • Specialty consults
  • Remote ER support
  • Care coordination
  • Video-enabled call centers
  • Chronic disease management
  • Group visits
OnCall Health

OnCall Health

OnCall began in 2016 by providing software to a psychology clinic that needed an easy and secure way to offer video appointments as an option to their patients. At that time, they believed that in the distant future every healthcare provider and enterprise would adopt virtual care as part of their practice or operations. The acceleration of digital transformation in the healthcare industry over the past several years has been incredible and far faster than expected. In a new normal, OnCall is the chosen virtual care solution vendor of small practice owners all the way up to healthcare’s largest brands.

OnCall’s mission is to enable healthcare clinics, brands, and enterprises to launch and manage exceptional virtual care programs by developing best-in-class virtual care solutions, so that better care delivery is possible, always. OnCall’s API helps you easily integrate existing technology, so data seamlessly flows between systems to prevent duplication of effort and increase efficiency for staff.

With OnCall’s technology, organizations can boost their brick and mortar operations with a telehealth platform that drives down costs and supports continuity of care. They can also amplify patient reach with an accessible, PIPEDA /PHI compliant solution that includes provider and admin automations and 24/7 technical support. With OnCall, better care is always possible.



iTether Technologies, Inc. provides HIPAA compliant digital care technology that is customizable and scalable, connecting individuals to their care team to improve outcomes and increase wellness. iTether’s engagement platform integrates with current clinical or community supervision workflows, and is applicable to any outpatient, behavioral, physical health or criminal justice treatment plan.

iTether improves the quality of patient care by offering a platform that transforms the delivery of outpatient treatment services while enabling care coordination across the continuum of care.

Their audience include providers, individuals, and payers:

  • iTether allows providers to measure engagement while empowering recovery. They simplify and enhance traditional methods through simple digital constructs which allow providers to chart a patient’s path to recovery.
  • iTether supports each individual with a proven track record of successful recovery. Their  goal is always to get people the help they need, empowering them with information that will help them live their healthiest life.
  • iTether puts a focus on quality by providing a solution that measures member outcomes to drive data-driven decisions across the continuum of care.

Their missions to enable vulnerable individuals to live healthier lives by harnessing the power of human connection. At iTether Technologies, they raise the standards for behavior modification services by providing simple and effective mobile-enabled solutions that increase long-term success rates. Their care management platform integrates across all levels of the care continuum to provide customers with the convenience and support you need for seamless startup and implementation. They are passionate about helping their customers make a difference.



Leveraging Vidyo’s AOI, iTether was able to utilize the solution’s bandwidth throttling that maintains a consistent communication signal for all users. This reduces no-shows, and enables providers to consistently adhere to a better quality of care for patients.

iTether is a behavioral healthcare management platform that is sold to healthcare providers and payers, enabling them to offer patients and members both population-based and personalized treatment plans to address issues across the behavioral health spectrum.

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