LanguageLine for Telehealth

LanguageLine for Telehealth

LanguageLine Interpreters available in 240 languages plus ASL

Thanks to the Vidyo-LanguageLine integration, healthcare providers are now able to invite professional, medically trained interpreters into a telemedicine session.

LanguageLine for Telehealth is available in more than 240 languages, with round-the-clock on-demand support.

Adding an interpreter is as easy as dialing a third-party extension, created specifically for your company, directly from the Vidyo platform. A voice recognition system will guide the health provider to select the needed language, and the Interpreter will join in a matter of seconds.

SBR Health

SBR Health

SBR Health implements sophisticated workflows for virtual visits, whether that is a simple, scheduled one-on-one appointment or an on-demand service that can bring in multiple providers, caregivers, and language interpreters. It works with most electronic health records to schedule visits and manage communication with patients and can deliver detailed reports and summaries.

SBR Health Applications include:

  • Virtual home and clinic visits
  • Post-discharge follow up
  • Virtual rounding for inpatient and outpatient care
  • Specialty consults
  • Remote ER support
  • Care coordination
  • Video-enabled call centers
  • Chronic disease management
  • Group visits
Vidyo/Thinklabs One Integration

Vidyo/Thinklabs One Integration

Vidyo and Thinklabs, unrivaled leaders in telemedicine, have been working together for more than five years to create the best-in-class integrated video and audio experience.

By simply clicking the stethoscope icon in VidyoConnect, the provider can listen to the stethoscope on their patient in a remote location. While listening, the provider can instruct the patient and remote nurse. Then simply click again to return to regular videoconference audio. The simple and easy interface inside VidyoConnect means there’s no interruption to the regular workflow of the physical exam.

GTS VirtualHealth Remote Patient Monitoring

GTS VirtualHealth Remote Patient Monitoring

GTS VirtualHealthTM is a Remote Patient Monitoring SaaS platform.  The unique open architecture is designed to allow integration with:

  • most Bluetooth vital monitoring devices,
  • existing telehealth capabilities,
  • EMR/EHRs, and
  • existing hospital workflows.

The platform is intended to improve patient outcomes within the most at-risk (chronic) populations, while creating provider cost savings and additional revenue opportunities.

Stratus Video

Stratus Video

Stratus Video  exists to support the mission of healthcare organizations to provide the best possible care for all patients. By eliminating communication barriers between your patients and providers, Limited English Proficient, Deaf or Hard of Hearing patients attain increased health literacy and realize improved health outcomes.

When you partner with AMN Language Services, each of your providers is equipped with immediate access to thousands of professional interpreters who are all culturally competent, medically qualified and extensively trained in medical terminology.

Making our communities healthier is the ultimate goal, and one we can achieve together.

Acquired by AMN Healthcare in 2020, Stratus Video is now serving clients under the AMN Language Services name.

Stratus Video’s team of dedicated individuals is highly qualified. Members of their engineering team have achieved AWS Technical Certifications from Amazon,  their Project Management team members are PMP Certified, and their interpreters hold a variety of state and national certifications. Also, their video application holds a CA Veracode Standard Security Certification. In addition, their leadership team brings decades of experience in both the healthcare and technology markets.

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