VirtualSitter Demo Video

VirtualSitter Demo Video

Along with these incredible discounts, VirtualSitter can also save your organization an average of $570,000 on annual costs and expenses. Extensive research on remote observation services has shown that virtual sitter solutions can help reduce 15% in sitter costs, 20% in falls costs, and 20% in injuries and claims for hospitals.

Our VirtualSitter solution offers a unified user experience across mobile, desktop, and clinically focused endpoints, designed for a variety of care settings. The suite of solutions delivers the consistency, ease of use, and rich features that drive clinical adoption across the care continuum.

Ochsner Health System Video

Ochsner Health System Video


“Time saved is brain saved”

“As soon as I got there they set it up, within minutes the neurologist was on the screen”

Ochsner is Louisiana’s largest nonprofit, multispecialty, and academic healthcare delivery system. Their mission to Serve, Heal, Lead, Educate and Innovate has secured their role as a nationally ranked leader. With Vidyo, Ochsner is putting their patient experience at the forefront of their CareConnect 360 telemedicine program. Watch to learn more!

To Learn more about Vidyo for Healthcare visit us at: Telemedicine Software for Providers | VidyoHealth

I had a telemedicine consult for a

stroke since we started the telestroke

program we’ve conducted over 10,000

telestroke evaluations this year were on

pace to deliver 3300 to 3,400

consultations and that’s about a hundred

percent increase over the last two years

since our launch in January we’ve seen

approximately 4,000 visits through video

though specifically have allowed us to

see our telestroke patients those are in

our cute care settings or telepsychiatry

patients we’ve also used this as a way

to connect with patients in their home

in doing urgent care services our

mission and Ochsner is to serve he’ll

lead educate and innovate we do that

through care connect 360 or telemedicine

division by doing outreach to patients

specifically for the purpose of

delivering high specialty care and for

keeping patients close to their home our

overall experience with video has been

very positive from the immediate

relationships that were made with the

teams that we interact with from the

sales team to the implementation team to

the work group team to do the

conversions across our 70 sites so as

soon as I got there they set it up

within minutes the neurologist was on

the screen we chose a video as we found

they were able to give good clinical

quality video over low bandwidth which

is important for us as we begin to

deliver teleMed services to the rural

areas specifically other countries and

in rural settings where there is

extremely low connectivity and bandwidth

in those areas gas is expensive and food

is expensive and the cost of

to get there I have a family we’ve also

been able to show a consistently a high

percentage of patients that are able to

remain locally I have a husband I have

two children and their schedules a lot

of times they’re not conducive to me

having to drive two hours one way to see

a specialist

we only transfer patients out of their

community if we are going to be able to

offer some therapy that they couldn’t

receive where they are locally we’ve had

success in being able to grow our

business because of the dependability

and and the scalability of the solution

that they’ve offered us I think there is

an opportunity for us to grow as

partners as we look forward to the

future and how we continue to grow

telemedicine service and how video

continues to invest in their healthcare

division the main advantage of moving to

video was that gave us the ability to

connect a new video by either an iPad or

a phone in our particular therapeutic

area which is stroke time is of the

essence so the sooner that we can

connect to the bedside the better a time

saved is brain safe

California Telehealth Network

California Telehealth Network


This video talks about Alexa’s story and how Vidyo’s remote patient care solution is being used by doctor to help save her life. Doctor was able to connect with telemedicine, and be able to be by the bed side and see Alexa was doing.

“I believe that telemedicine actually help save my life” – Alexa

The ability of telemedicine in small town hospital really changes the game for doctors. Since switching over to the arc of video platform, they are now able to introduce telemedicine into areas where it might not have been traditionally present there.  Patients in remote area now can have access to specialty care that was never there for them before.

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