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ViTel Net is a leading telehealth innovator, connecting and scaling healthcare IT infrastructures. Their cloud platform automates and simplifies data and work flows, providing clinicians access to all patient data with a single sign-on. The results – clinicians make more informed decisions with greater efficiency, using aggregated data across the care continuum.

Integrating and supporting multi-EHR, multi-PACS, multi-PHR, and multi-vendor solutions

Matching your clinicians; workflows on a per-service line basis, making on-boarding a non-issue

EHR = Truth of Record
Automatically updating the EHR with results and orders, at the conclusion of telehealth encounters

Improving efficiency by aggregating patient data and medical imaging from disparate sources to a single, simple interface

Connecting patients and care teams with data sharing, device integration, and video conferencing to remotely diagnose and treat a broad range of conditions

Thirty years ago, ViTel Net pioneered the development of configurable telehealth solutions and technologies. Their experts have deep industry knowledge and program expertise, helping clinicians remotely diagnose, treat, and manage patient health—regardless of geographic barriers. With a proven history of innovation and success in the exciting and evolving field of telehealth, ViTel Net is uniquely positioned to maximize the value you derive from ongoing technological advances.

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