ViTel Net has been leading telehealth innovation for over 30 years with industry leading technology. Its robust cloud platform streamlines clinical and operational workflows while providing clinicians access to all patient data with a single sign-on. ViTel Net’s “no code” configurable user experience enables the flexibility needed to provide care, quickly and cost effectively. The results – informed decisions that power greater efficiency, for better patient experiences and outcomes across the care continuum.


vCareCommand, the industry leading virtual care platform, delivers unparalleled high quality care to patients regardless of where they are. Built on 30+ years of experience in telehealth, our platform powers consistent workflows for in-person and remote encounters, ubiquitous access to patient data and imaging, patient engagement across all service lines and full access to business intelligence that supports complex system management.

EHR Integration: Simplified work and data flow for providers with bi-directional data interfaces and single sign-on support for any modern EHR

Imaging: Efficient cloud access with PACS integration and embedded medical imaging viewer and analysis tools directly within the web browser

Medical Device Integration: For real-time physical examination and asynchronous monitoring of patient vitals

Scheduling: Unified, multi-dimensional telehealth scheduling that streamlines management of clinics, equipment, providers and patient appointments

Stratus Video

Stratus Video

Stratus Video  exists to support the mission of healthcare organizations to provide the best possible care for all patients. By eliminating communication barriers between your patients and providers, Limited English Proficient, Deaf or Hard of Hearing patients attain increased health literacy and realize improved health outcomes.

When you partner with AMN Language Services, each of your providers is equipped with immediate access to thousands of professional interpreters who are all culturally competent, medically qualified and extensively trained in medical terminology.

Making our communities healthier is the ultimate goal, and one we can achieve together.

Acquired by AMN Healthcare in 2020, Stratus Video is now serving clients under the AMN Language Services name.

Stratus Video’s team of dedicated individuals is highly qualified. Members of their engineering team have achieved AWS Technical Certifications from Amazon,  their Project Management team members are PMP Certified, and their interpreters hold a variety of state and national certifications. Also, their video application holds a CA Veracode Standard Security Certification. In addition, their leadership team brings decades of experience in both the healthcare and technology markets.



Thinklabs was founded in 1991 by Clive Smith, an Electrical Engineering graduate of Caltech. The name implies the company’s goal – think deeply about problems that matter and develop imaginative solutions. Smith has always had a passion for medical electronics, sound, music and signal processing.

In the mid 90’s, Smith read a paper in Circulation indicating that stethoscope acoustics had essentially not improved since Laennec built the first stethoscope in 1816. Physicians confirmed that even top-of-the-line conventional stethoscopes did a poor job of amplifying heart and lung sounds. Thus began Smith’s obsession to re-invent the stethoscope.

The concept of an electronic stethoscope was not new. For a century, the road to perfect auscultation was littered with the carcasses of failed efforts. Smith started experimenting. Technologies were tested, rejected, modified and retested. The key breakthrough came with a question: How can one create an electrical analog to the acoustic pressure changes in a conventional stethoscope?

All the benefits of advanced electronic technology would then accrue and the authentic sound of the stethoscope would be preserved. Physicians would not require any ear retraining. A completely new transducer was needed.

Smith found that he could detect the vibration of a stethoscope diaphragm using a high intensity electric field – almost 1 million Volts per meter! The result – The Electromagnetic Diaphragm that is key to the audio quality of every Thinklabs stethoscope. Smith spent another 7 years perfecting the product. The ds32 was released in late 2003, becoming the choice of a loyal community of users.

The Thinklabs One marks another paradigm shift in stethoscope design – a bold move to eliminate the hollow tube styling that pre-dates The American Civil War. It represents a belief that the time has come for the familiar icon of medicine to be retired to the museum.

OnCall Health

OnCall Health

OnCall began in 2016 by providing software to a psychology clinic that needed an easy and secure way to offer video appointments as an option to their patients. At that time, they believed that in the distant future every healthcare provider and enterprise would adopt virtual care as part of their practice or operations. The acceleration of digital transformation in the healthcare industry over the past several years has been incredible and far faster than expected. In a new normal, OnCall is the chosen virtual care solution vendor of small practice owners all the way up to healthcare’s largest brands.

OnCall’s mission is to enable healthcare clinics, brands, and enterprises to launch and manage exceptional virtual care programs by developing best-in-class virtual care solutions, so that better care delivery is possible, always. OnCall’s API helps you easily integrate existing technology, so data seamlessly flows between systems to prevent duplication of effort and increase efficiency for staff.

With OnCall’s technology, organizations can boost their brick and mortar operations with a telehealth platform that drives down costs and supports continuity of care. They can also amplify patient reach with an accessible, PIPEDA /PHI compliant solution that includes provider and admin automations and 24/7 technical support. With OnCall, better care is always possible.



Based in Tel Aviv, Israel D-ID employs market-leading experts in deep learning, computer vision and image processing, and its solutions are being implemented in Fortune 500 companies and institutions worldwide.

Established in 2017, D-ID created the first facial image de-identification solution to protect images and videos from facial recognition software. Building on that, our Creative Reality™ technology uses deep learning algorithms, image processing and neural networks trained on tens of thousands of videos to do anything from animate still photos, to facilitate high-quality video productions, and create viral user experiences.

Our technology produces highly realistic results and is used by leading marketing agencies, production companies, and social media platforms globally to increase engagement levels, bring workflow efficiencies and new monetization opportunities, at scale. Recent clients include Oblio, Warner Brothers Pictures, Publicis, Mondelez, and MyHeritage who used D-ID to simply create millions of extraordinary experiences.

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